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You can reach us via email at

The Clarkston Community Historical Society has a 9-member board comprised of local volunteers from the City of the Village of Clarkston, Independence Township and Springfield Township. Please let us know if you are interested in serving on the board. Any of our board members and partners can be reached through our office phone, 248-922-0270 or by email at Our museum director is an employee of the society and works part time at our Heritage Museum office.

Museum Director Toni Smith
Board of Directors Jennifer Arkwright, President
Debbie DeVault, Vice-President
Jon Smith, Treasurer
Kim Huttenlocher, Secretary
Kelly Crawford
Ann Degen
Melissa Luginski
Hope Mason
James Schultz
Website Margret McDermott
Graphic Design Lydia Strnad
Photography John Meyland
Genealogy Joette Kunse